Monday, December 14, 2009

Join up

If you are a Viet Nam Veteran, you might consider joining other Viet Vets in your area. They do alot of good, and assist many Vets that some people have forgotten.

The VVA, (VietNam Veterans of America) here in Las Vegas helps many veterans, and assists other organizations in providing assistance to veterans of all wars.

Remember the Vet.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sell Out the Military

I am always amazed at how the current administration (either Republican or Democrat) always blame any problems on the previous administration. Monday morning quarterbacking is always easy.

To those that have forgotten, we are in a war, and when a General says he needs more troops, there should be no question that he receive those troops. Cost does not matter. What matters is bringing this "war" to an end.

I was amazed to see on TV a Senator stating that we should put a tax on the American people to help pay for the extra cost of more troops. (Easy way to get people to be anti-war.) I think he forgot that he can say stupid things like that in this country because of the military. In alot of other countries, he would be in jail or in re-education classes.

Personally, I would rather fight the enemy "over there" than here in my homeland. I do not doubt that they are here, i. e. Ft Hood, and I am sure many more places.

I think we need to take the gloves off the military, and "allow them to win". During WW1, and WW2, civilians were killed along with the military we were fighting, and no one seemed to be upset because of the deaths of civilians.

If we destroy a country, we do all we can to rebuild it, and make it a better country.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Writing Spot

Found a new spot that a person can write from a prompt, and see what other people wrote on the same prompt. Its called "Seven Days Seven Answers". Its a Blog, and really great, and a lot of fun, not to mention VERY interesting. There is a lot of talent there.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The One Minute Writer

Hooray, I have won Writer of the Day on "The One Minute Writer" now twice. October 24th, and November 15th. It's really neat to have a place to write where people can see what you can write in one minute.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank a Vet

You know, it takes just a few seconds of your time to say Thank You to a vet. Thank you is just two words, but it means alot to a vet, a person that gave time and risked thier lives so that you would be able to say what you want, become what you want, and do as you want.

Just say two things when you see a vet, say "welcome home, and thank you" and watch how the vet stands a little taller, and smiles a little broader, and is honestly proud of what they have done on your behalf.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Talked to the doctor yesterday. I am STILL Cancer free. Still develop a shortness of breath, but the Cancer is gone. (I knew the guy upstairs was not done with me yet.) Positive attitude and some great doctors made the difference, not to mention the super great support of my wife.

Now, I will really give my writing my full attention.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still don't know

Today I had a Bronchoscopy, (brong- Kos-ko-pe) done to see whats going on in my formally Cancerous right lung. They used a soft bendable tube with a light and tiny camera to take pictures inside my lung and airways.

Because my regular doctor was in emergency surgery, his partner did the procedure. Its done, but I have no idea what was found as the partner went from my procedure to his patients.

I find out Wedesday the 4th of Nov what was found.

NOTE TO THE GUY UPSTAIRS: I am not ready to go yet, so lets make the upcoming report a good one.